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Product Name : Paikane Gas Generator
Product Code : 101GG
Brand : Perkins
Introduction :

We are well equipped to promote PERKINS and DOSSAN Gas Generator, by the cooperation of a Paikane India Limited (Perkins & Dossan Gas Partner) in United Kingdom. Our supplied Gas Gensets cover full warranty by us as we are the sole distributor of a PIL OEM. We deal with the following 4000 series Perkins gas ranges with a short form of details as follows: Product Description: We are giving a dedicated effort to promote PERKINS Gas products in Bangladesh. Our Standard Configuration of Natural Gas Generator Sets are as follows: Engine: PERKINS (UK) 1. Heat exchanger cooling with suitable cooling Tower, 4 stroke , closed circle water cooling system. 2. Alternator: Meccaltee (Italy), 4 pole and self excited brushless. Insulation --H class, Protection -- IP22 with AVR. 3. Control System: Key starting, optional for Auto control panel, ATS(Auto transfer switch) 4. Standard Rating: 400/230V, 50Hz, 1500RPM, 3phase, etc. 5. Protection: High/low gas pressure, low oil pressure and high water temperature, emergency stop etc. 6. Accessories: Base frame with vibration pad, Gas train, exhaust silencer, flexible pipe, charged batteries etc.

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